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IU Reveals Lyrics for Rookie Group High4's Debut Track

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Singer IU recently revealed a part of the lyrics that she wrote for the debut track of rookie male quartet High4, entitled “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms."

 The lyrics say: "Everyone but me, singing songs of love in spring / Flowers bloom and rustle before my eyes / But I want to hear something else / Not spring, love, or cherry blossoms," expressing that lonely emotion that everyone might have felt at least once in their lifetime come spring.

While IU has written the lyrics for her own songs before, this is her first time as the writer for another artist’s song. With the lyrics for the song, IU left a message for her fans: “Now that my schedule in Hong Kong is over, I’m going to cheer on High4. Just honestly! Straightforwardly, I’m going to do a shameless plug. While they aren’t part of our agency, they’re a very nice and talented group! Please help them out! Cheer them on! If you cheer on High4, I’ll follow up with that momentum and do my absolute best in my own activities, as well!”

High4 is composed of singers Kim Sung Gu, Baek Myung Han, and rappers Yim Young Jun and Alex, all four members of which are also songwriters.

IU not only participated with the song lyrics and producing for her good friend Kim Sung Gu, but will also be appearing in the music video for the new group.

The new song, “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms,” will be released on April  8.

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