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10 Korean Celebrities with Very Small Faces

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A couple days ago, MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Newsaired a segment where a reporter told actress Yoon Seung Ah that she has a very small face- one that’s even smaller than actor Kang Dong Won. It is one of many features Koreans use to judge a person’s beauty and fans can easily hear reporters, the public, and even celebrities mention or gasp in awe complimenting how small one celebrity’s face can be.

I decided to compile a list of some of the smallest faces in Korean entertainment. There might be some celebrities you already know to have small faces, while there are some you probably never realized were small. I’m sure there are some more out there so please feel free to leave a comment below with additional small faces!

1. Yoon Seung Ah

We can’t start the list without the celebrity who brought the topic of small faces back on the discussion table.

Click through the numbers on the bottom to see who in Korean entertainment has a small face! (Random order)

1 yoochun ramen

2. JYJ’s Yoochun

His photo was widely circulated on various online community forums in January 2012. He posed with the ramen cup for a cf.

2 secret jung hana coke

3. Secret’s Jung Hana

Jung Hana (formerly known as Zinger) tweeted the photo in June 2012 with the message, “Do you want to have a drink with me?” and uploaded a picture along with the tweet.

3 kim soo hyun

4. Kim Soo Hyun

Someone found a video of Kim Soo Hyun when he was in college hosting his school’s spring festival and took a screenshot to share with fans online in April 2012.

4 go ara

5. Go Ara

Go Ara tweeted a photo last year in February, “My beloved Park Shin Hye and Ryu Seung Ryong, are you guys seeing this? Happy birthday for those who were born today and received a gift from watching the movie, ‘The Gift From Room 7.’ Thank you.”

She watched the movie with her close colleagues in celebration of her birthday.

5 gdragon

6. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon tweeted a photo last year in February that quickly spread on the internet like wildfire. His simple message was “Candy candy candy,” but the only thing people can think about was the size of his “Face face face.”

6 girls day minah

7. Girl’s Day Minah

Girl’s Day Minah tweeted a selca last year in April along with the message, “This is my expression when I’m next to a cookie.”

7 nuest ren

8. NUEST’s Ren

After School’s Lizzy revealed a photo of NU’EST’s Ren right before his debut. She tweeted on February 13, 2012, “This is NU’EST’s Ren, who is part of the Busan family. How can you be prettier than me? And it looks like Len received a manicure. Cutie, fighting.”

8 kim so hyun

9. Kim So Hyun

Another celebrity with a face that can be covered by a large lollipop! Kim Soo Hyun tweeted the photo a couple weeks ago with the message, “There is a candy this big. Today was fun with friends? Freshman colleague! Thank you.”

9 beast yoseob

10. Beast’s Yoseob

We can’t have a list about small faces without Yoseob. If one tries to search his name on popular Korean search engines, the phrase “small face” is automatically suggested. There a number of blogs dedicated to compiling how small his face is.

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