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Rapper Swings Swears Revenge for Betrayal in Single "Fallin" Featuring Jay Park

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Rappers Swings is drawing attention for his new single "Fallin'" in which he describes a real-life situation of being betrayed by a friend. 

In the lyrics of "Fallin'," Swings rants against a friend who betrayed him. He tells this once-friend to never mention him and that his name has been written on a list of people he will get revenge against.

The rapper's agency, Brand New Music, clarified that this song has nothing to do with hip hop artists Simon D and Ugly Duck, about whom Swings released a diss track about last year. The story in "Fallin'" is true, but it is something that happened a long time ago and the track is about Swings looking back into his past and his resolve for the future."

The track features the vocals of hip hop artist Jay Park. They previously collaborated in Swings’ track “I’ll Be There.”

This single comes before the rapper's release of his new mini album "Mood Swings II – Part 2. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" in May. "Fallin'" is now available on online music stores.

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