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Mad Clown and Crush to Make Official Debuts in April

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Rising stars of the hip hop scene, Mad Clown and Crush have revealed their upcoming comeback plans.

Known for his featurings on tracks by Zion.T, Dynamic Duo, Simon D, and others, Crush has charmed listeners with his unique voice. To finally receive some of the spotlight himself, he will make his solo debut by releasing his first digital single on April 2.

While he has participated in producing songs and featuring on them, this is the first time for him to be the main star. It will be a chance for him to showcase his personal style of music. The upcoming single is already gaining attention from music lovers, who are aware of the success of the tracks on which Crush has been featured, such as Gary's "Shower Later" and Zion.T's "Two Melodies."

Another familiar name is making his official debut, as Mad Clown will be releasing his first album under Starship Entertainment. Fans can be expect to hear the sharp and detailed signature style of the rapper, and he will also promote his title track on music shows.

While Mad Clown debuted in 2008, and is no stranger to lovers of underground hip hop, he became popular after appearing on MNet's "Show Me the Money." He charmed the female fans with his good looks, interesting personality, and talented rapping. 

He was soon offered a contract by Starship Entertainment, home to SISTAR, K.Will and others. His decision to sign the deal turned out to be a great one, as he was paired up with Soyou for a project song called "Stupid in Love," which became a huge hit.

Crush is currently putting the finishing touches on his first digital single, to be released on April 2, and Mad Clown will release his album/mini album in the beginning of April.

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