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Amber and So Ryong Review "We Got Married - Global Edition" Season 1 in Preview for Season 2

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"We Got Married - Global Edition" is going to air the first episode of its second season very soon, but before we can a short video preview starring the show's hosts, f(x)'s Amber and Tasty's So Ryong.

In this video we are introduced to Amber and Tasty in a recording studio. After introducing themselves, Amber and So Ryong go over the impressive statistics of the first season of "We Got Married - Global Edition."  Amber and So Ryong also had a chance to chat with some fans of the show, and the fans were able to talk about what it is they love so much about the global edition to this variety show.

"We Got Married - Global Edition" will stream its first episode on YouTube on March 27. This season's couple is Heechul and Puff Kuo and Key and Yagi Arisa

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