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When K-Pop Idols Cover the Golden Classics

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Good news, I'm sick again and that means I'm going to take the easy way out and do a lovely gallery article this week. Lately I've been watching a lot of "Music Trips Yesterday" and "Music Trips La la la," so I've decided to list some of the most interesting covers sung by idols. The criteria for selecting songs was very complicated and by complicated I mean I just picked whatever I liked most (Which means you won't see a lot of "Immortal Song 2" on this list). Now, enough introduction and lets get straight to the music.

Very Important Disclaimer Stuff: The writer is not really an expert at anything much and is just a mere casual fan of pretty much everything. The writer has been known to have a rather weird taste in music. The writer’s opinions certainly DO NOT reflect the opinion of Soompi’s news team or Soompi as a whole. Trust me, the rest of the team has much better idea of what good music is.

Singer: Girls' Generation
Song: Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry"

Reason it's here: It's not often that you get to hear an acoustic cover for a SM Entertainment song. It also helps that this is probably one of the best alternative arrangements of any SM song. The formula for it is simple, you take a pretty decent song in itself, then give it the full live instrument treatment with a nice lounge feel. It's glorious in many ways.

Singer: Kara 
Song: g.o.d's "Road"

Reason it's here: One of the best songs produced during g.o.d's heydays combined with one of the most popular girl groups around. To be honest, Kara struggles a bit in this cover but credit where credit is due, this isn't a song that a lot of groups would even attempt to cover given how difficult it is to sing correctly. The arrangement is also very nice, keeping most of the emotion of the original song while enhancing it with the addition of live instrumentation (Can you tell that I like live instrumentation?)

Singer: Super Junior
Song: Girls' Generation's "Gee"

Reason it's here: Well we had Girls Generation cover a Super Junior song, so to balance it out here is Super Junior covering a Girls' Generation song. To be honest this isn't the absolute best cover of "Gee" (The best one will be revealed later in the article) but it's more about the novelty of the whole thing. 

Singer: Younha
Song: Girls' Generation's "Gee"

Reason it's here: Say hello to the best cover of "Gee" I've heard so far. A great acoustic arrangement combined with the singing talents of Younha gets you this rather brilliant cover of this classic dance song. Yes it's a classic because it's been nearly five years since "Gee" was released and five years ago, I was actually young unlike now.

Singer: Yoo Seung Woo
Song: Kim Kwang Seok's "With The Intention To Forget You"

Reason it's here: I'm a massive fan of Kim Kwang Seok. One of the biggest regrets in my life is not being born earlier so that I could have heard his voice live and in person (He unfortunately passed away in 1996). He is a legend in the Korean folk song scene and many artist have done covers of his songs. Unfortunately I dislike a lot of these covers since I believe they stray too far from their original vision. On that note, this cover by Yoo Seung Woo is one of the best covers done of a Kim Kwang Seok song. It perfectly captures the emotion of the original song and the simplistic instrumentation helps to highlight his singing voice.

Singer: Secret's Song Ji Eun, Jeon Hyo Sung + B.A.P's Dae Hyun
Song: Marronnier's "Cocktail Love"

Reason it's here: What can I say, it's one of those classic love songs. The great thing about the covers done on "Music Trips Yesterday" is how close they stick to the original source. I'm not a big fan of elaborate arrangement like you hear on "Immortal Song 2" so clean arrangements like this tend to fit my tastes much more. 

Singer: Rainbow Blaxx
Song: Fin.K.L's "Now"

Reason it's here: It's Fin.K.L's best song covered by one of my favorite idol groups, what more reason do you need? What? You don't think it's Fin.K.L's best song? Then you're just wrong.

Singer: Spica
Song: Big Mama's "Break Away"

Reason it's here: It's not often that I'm absolutely wowed by a girl groups outright singing talents but this is one of those cases. I always knew Spica was pretty talented by their cover of "Break Away" really helps to prove that. 

Singer: IU
Song: Moon Geun Young's "I still don't know what love is"

Reason it's here: Can't really have a list of cover songs without IU. So here is a cover of a classic movie OST sung by the talented singer. Not like you need a reason to listen to more IU anyway.

Singer: B1A4
Song: g.o.d's "A Single Candle"

Reason it's here: There is not enough g.o.d. song covers in this world. We need more g.o.d song covers and this happens to be one of the best so far. It also helps that "A single candle" is an amazing song and that B1A4 actually sounds a lot like g.o.d. You know how I complained about not enough feel good songs a few weeks ago? Well if we get more songs like this then I have no objections.


*Lordbordem is the writer that now prefers penguins over koalas since the former don’t drop down from trees. Free from the perils of Koala warfare, he can now continue to write articles on Soompi without fearing for his life.

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