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Tyra Banks to Coach Actress Hwang Shin Hye's Model Daughter Lee Jin Yi

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American supermodel and TV personality Tyra Banks has been reported to be coaching Lee Jin Yi, daughter of Hwang Shin Hye.

On March 24, Lee Jin Yi filmed with the "America's Next Top Model" team at the Kyung Bok Palace in Seoul.

It is said that Tyra Banks was warm and friendly to Lee Jin Yi as they worked together, creating a nice filming atmosphere.

Tyra Banks and the "America's Next Top Model" crew arrived in Korea on March 21 and have gone around various places in Seoul to carry out different kinds of missions.

This filming is for the upcoming season of "America's Next Top Model - Korea" and will air in the States this coming August.

Lee Jin Yi caught the eye of the public over the past couple of years as she matured into a chic-looking teenager. She is currently 17 years old and is the daughter of the veteran actress, Hwang Shin Hye.

[caption id="attachment_592527" align="aligncenter" width="520"]lee jin yi hwang shin hye 2 Left: Hwang Shin Hye; Right: Lee Jin Yi[/caption] [caption id="attachment_592529" align="aligncenter" width="451"]lee jin yi hwang shin hye Left: Lee Jin Yi; Right: Hwang Shin Hye[/caption] [caption id="attachment_592531" align="aligncenter" width="500"]lee jin yi Lee Jin Yi[/caption]


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