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How BoA Came to Star in Her First Hollywood Film, "Make Your Move"

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With the premiere of BoA’s first Hollywood movie “Make Your Move” coming up on April 17, people are starting to wonder about the story of how she landed the role.

“Make Your Move” is directed by Duane Adler, who worked on the screenplay for “Step Up,” and it was revealed that the movie was produced from the beginning with BoA in mind as a possible main character. The movie is a dance romance film about two people, Donny (Derek Hough) and Aya (BoA), who grew up in different environments, and through dance, start to understand each other, and eventually, fall in love. BoA plays the role of Aya, the leader of the dance group COBU.

Adler, around 2006, after seeing the popular Broadway performance of Cobu, decided to produce the movie “Make Your Move.” With his eye out for actors to cast in the movie, Adler came across a music video of BoA when she was 17, and started in on productions with BoA in mind, having been won over by BoA’s power and energy. Not only was the scenario Adler created a great match for BoA, the choreography in the film was, as well. The Cobu performance in the film was choreographed by Yako Miyamoto, who created a fusion performance combining Japanese traditional Taiko drumming and rhythmic tap dancing, perfect for BoA, who is exceptional in her live performances.

Adler, who personally flew out to Japan to see a performance by BoA, was not only impressed by her performance, but her huge fan base, as well, and made his proposal to her. BoA, for the opportunity to put her dancing talents on screen, agreed to star in the movie.

“Make Your Move” will premiere on April 17 in Korea, and April 18 in the United States. Don't miss it!


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