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A $120,000 Fan Meeting with Kim Soo Hyun?

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In any given place in China, it’s all about Kim Soo Hyun, and Hong Kong is no exception. Currently, wealthy women and celebrities in China are more than willing to trade insane amounts of money just to sit down at a meal with the ‘Man from the Star.’

According to a Chinese weekly magazine on March 24, the ‘brokers’ who supposedly can arrange these meetings, because it is not an official function, limit the number of attendees to 10, and demand over 1,000,000 Hong Kong dollars (approx. 129,000 USD) per person. However, despite the insane cost, it has been reported that the reactions of clients wanting to meet with the Korean actor have been extremely positive. While this is likely a mere rumor, if it is true, it’s basically an extremely expensive fan meeting for the wealthy. According to this same weekly magazine, similar meetings with stars like Tony Leung and Andy Lau go for about 1,200,000-1,500,000 Hong Kong dollars (approx. 155,000-193,000 USD).

Even besides these unofficial fan meetings, Kim Soo Hyun’s worth in terms of events is staggering. According to reports, Kim Soo Hyun receives over 6,000,000 HKD (approx. 773,000 USD) for attending just one event in China, over three times the amount of well-known Hallyu “Man From the Stars” co-star Jun Ji Hyun, who receives roughly 2,000,000 HKD (approx. 258,000 USD) per event.

Despite it having been quite some time since the end of “Man From the Stars,” the popularity of the drama lives on. Kim Soo Hyun just recently wrapped up fan meetings in Taiwan and Shanghai on March 22 and 23, respectively, where his arrival was broadcast live and a substantial amount of photos of Kim Soo Hyun from on the plane were reported on. And he’s not done! Following these two latest fan meetings, Kim Soo Hyun will be headed to Thailand, Guangzhou and Beijing in China, Indonesia, Singapore, and Japan.


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