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"K-Pop Star 3," Who Are the Top 4?

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It's down to the final four as Han Hee Jun and Almeng were eliminated on this week's SBS "K-Pop Star Season 3." The top four contestants are Sam Kim, Kwon Jin Ah, Jjarimongddang and Bernard Park.

The Top 4 finalists were decided by a combination of judges’ scores and text message voting by the viewers.

Sam Kim received top marks from the three judges for his performance of Park Jin Young’s “You’re The One.” He received a score of 95 from YG (Yang Hyun Suk), 97 from JYP (Park Jin Young) and 97 from Antenna Music (Yoo Hee Yeol), achieving a total score of 289.

Trio Jjarimongddang scored high praise with Beyonce’s “Listen,” earning them a total score of 287 for a performance that the judges called their best performance to date. YG, JYP and Antenna awarded Jjarimongddang 95 points, 96 points and 95 points respectively.

Kwon Jin Ah overcame worries about a slightly difficult song choice to secure a total of 282 points. Her performance of Sting’s “Fields of Gold” gained rave reviews from Park Jin Young and Yoo Hee Yeol, earning her ticket into the top 4.

Bernard Park tested his limit with a Korean pop song. He performed Sung Shi Kyung’s “You Touched My Heart,” and it certainly paid off. He claimed the final spot in the Top 4 with a total score of 267 (YG 89 points, JYP 86 points, Antenna 92 points). While he earned favorable reviews for his singing, he struggled due to his pronunciation.

Almeng performed a unique arrangement of PSY’s “Blue Frog” fused with Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” They achieved a score of 262 (YG 90 points, JYP 82 points, Antenna 90 points), and missed the cut for the Top 4.

Han Hee Jun sang Lee Seung Hwan’s “For 1000 Days,” but the judges were disappointed that he did not make the song his own. He received a score of 259 (YG 85 points, JYP 84 points, Antenna 90 points), trailing slightly behind the rest of the group.

Check out this week's performances below!

Top 4

Sam Kim “You’re The One” on guitar

Jjarimongddang “Listen”

Kwon Jin Ah  “Fields of Gold”

Bernard Park “You Touched My Heart”

Almeng “Blue Frog”

Han Hee Jun “For 1000 Days”


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