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Folk Singer Kim Serena: "I Got Addicted to Botox"

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When it comes to plastic surgery, it is crucial to know when to stop. 

Singer Kim Serena appeared on the March 20 episode of SBS' "Good Morning" and opened up about her unfortunate botox addiction, from which she suffered in the past.

When asked to comment on the topic, she said, "I know. I am easily influenced by others."

"I didn't even know what botox is. They told that if I just get a shot, the flaws of my face will disappear, so I received it," and revealed that she was initially persuaded by the people around her.

"I begun to enjoy the moments of happiness given by the changes, and as a result, I even received surgery on my lips. My lips were very beautiful, but whenever I wasn't satisfied with my face, I got a shot. I became addicted and my face started turning unnatural and bloated," she confessed.

After finding out about the negative effects of botox, she stopped receiving the treatments. "I have recovered from 80% of the side effects," she said with a voice filled with hope of a brighter future.

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