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"We Got Married" Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young Meet for the First Time

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Latest addition to the "We Got Married" family, Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young had their exciting first date on this week's episode.

Since releasing a promising teaser last week, the new couple has been a hot topic of discussion. The eager fans' wait was awarded on March 22, when the two finally met for the first time.

The anticipated encounter took place in the calm Hakdong Park. As Hong Jin Young is known to be one of the MCs of the show, Nam Goong Min expressed his confusion upon seeing the entertainer at the park, "I wondered why she was there. I thought it is a hidden camera." 

Hong Jin Young revealed, "I thought it's him, but I didn't remember his name. I just greeted him. My heart has never beat that fast," and laughed, "I'm serious, I felt very nervous."

Due to their seven-year age difference, the two were unable to relax at first, but as they begun to enjoy their meal, the atmosphere started to change. Step by step, their conversation turned more comfortable.

Nam Goong Min revealed his expectations, "Half variety and half dating," to which Hong Jin Young responded, being the honest and cool girl she is, "Marriage is my goal." 

During an interview with the producers, she shared, "I said to our CEO that if I become a 'WGM' cast member, I will have an actual relationship. I want to be an example of a woman ready get married," and jokingly added, "People can look at me and practice."

The handsome actor revealed his inexperience when it comes to women, "I attended all-boys middle and high schools, and in university I majored in engineering. Out of 200 people, only three were females." However, he confessed to being quite strict when it comes to staying in touch, and emphasized the importance of answering his calls. He also added that he likes bright and energetic girls.

Did you see the episode yet? What do you think of the new couple?

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