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Simon D Opens Up About Ex-GF Lady Jane and Diss Battle

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On the March 19 episode of "Radio Star," guest Simon D opened up about his ex-girlfriend Lady Jane and also talked about the infamous diss battle involving some of hip-hop's biggest names in Korea.

Simon D shared that he still keeps in touch and maintains a good friendship with Lady Jane even amongst the ruthless teasing from the "Radio Star" DJs who accused him of still having feelings for her.

He shared that he even invited Lady Jane to his birthday party but met with the response, "Are you crazy? Is this Hollywood or something?" This made the studio erupt in laughter.

Later during the show, Simon D and Lady Jane got connected on the phone where the two exchanged a pleasant conversation, with Lady Jane cheering him on for broadcast.

Then, the rapper also opened up about the diss battle that shook up the Korean media. He said, "There was a conflict between E-Sens and Gaeko. They just didn't click. I tried to make things work in the middle but it ended up not working out."

Simon D continued, "I think E-Sens is one of the best rappers. He is very good at rapping. What I thought was cool was when he said, 'Answer me, Gaeko' in the song. No other rapper had dissed Dynamic Duo before."

After Simon D released his diss rap, Swings countered. About that, Simon D commented, "I admit it, he's good. The rap was really provoking. But what annoyed me was how the netizens kept pushing me. 'Are you a coward? Why are you hiding? Come out.' I was mad."

He added, "I was writing my lyrics to respond but with hip-hop, you have to think about the rhyming so I kept working with frustration." He finished with a laugh by saying, "Now I hate the 'Control' beat."

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