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Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness: The First Round

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K-Pop is almost as synonymous with dancing as it is with music, and as such, most K-Pop fans can easily identify the best dancer within a certain group. Big Bang? TaeyangEXO? Kai and Lay. And when it comes to the solo artists, we don't have to ask who shines, because in this tidal wave of idol groups, if you were deemed charismatic enough to hold your own onstage, like Rain and BoA, then chances are, you're probably an awesome dancer. But what if you had the chance to choose the best of the best of the best? What if there could only be one? Would you go with the best-known names in the business, voting for well-known heavyweights such as as 4minute's HyunA? Or would you throw your support behind some of the lesser-known talents in K-Pop, such as GLAM's Zinni?

To answer these tough questions, we bring you Soompi's K-Pop Dance Madness! We've chosen 32 idols based on how well-known they are for their dancing ability, sorted them randomly into four groups, and seeded them based on how likely we think they are to win. We did what we could to order them accurately and include the best names possible -- but at the end of the day, it's totally subjective. The great thing is, the vote is up to you! All you have to do is enter your choices below. We've included one YouTube clip showing a sample of each idol's dancing. Within each bracket, we tried to ensure fairness by making sure the video genres matched, whether they be freestyle, a concert special stage, or a variety show dance battle. We ask you to watch the videos and vote based on your assessment of their talent.

Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness v2

Ready? Then let's start now with the Green Division (Taemin, Kahi, and more)! 


SHINee's Taemin (#1) vs. BEAST Hyunseung (#8)

[polldaddy poll="7899253"]

Kahi (#2) vs. GOT7's Mark (#7)

[polldaddy poll="7899258"]


EXO's Kai (#3) vs. miss A's Jia (#6)

[polldaddy poll="7899260"]

4minute's HyunA (#4) vs. GLAM's Zinni (#5)

[polldaddy poll="7899262"]

Get your vote in? Great! Now let's check out the Pink Division (Hyoyeon, Jang Woo Hyuk, and more)!


Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon (#1) vs. HOT's Jang Woo Hyuk (#8)

[polldaddy poll="7899274"]

Super Junior's Eunhyuk (#2) vs. Chae Yeon (#7)

[polldaddy poll="7899276"]

2NE1's Minzy (#3) vs. CSJH's Stephanie (#6)

[polldaddy poll="7899278"]

BEAST's Gikwang (#4) vs. Shinhwa's Minwoo (#5)

[polldaddy poll="7899280"]

Halfway done! Now it's onto the Orange Division (Taeyang, Yunho, and more)!


Big Bang's Taeyang (#1) vs. MBLAQ's Lee Joon (#8)

[polldaddy poll="7899284"]

BoA (#2) vs. Infinite's Dongwoo (#7)

[polldaddy poll="7899286"]

TVXQ's Yunho (#3) vs. miss A's Min (#6)

[polldaddy poll="7899289"]

Jay Park (#4) vs. BAP's Jongup (#5)

[polldaddy poll="7899293"]

And finally, the Blue Division (featuring Rain, Bora, and more)!


Rain (#1) vs. miss A's Fei (#8)

[polldaddy poll="7899296"]

EXO's Lay (#2) vs MBLAQ's Seungho (#7)

[polldaddy poll="7899298"]

Infinite's Hoya (#3) vs. SISTAR's Bora (#6)

[polldaddy poll="7899299"]

BAP's Zelo (#4) vs. 2PM's Junho (#5)

[polldaddy poll="7899301"]


All right, that's it for Round 1 of Soompi's K-Pop Dance Madness! You have until March 25 to get in your votes, and yes, you can come back and vote again if you like. Also, feel free to predict which idol will take the prize in the comments section below! Thanks, and stay tuned for Round 2: Sweet Sixteen!

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