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YoonA Clears Up Rumors on Being Jealous of Suzy and Talks About Her Relationship with Lee Seung Gi

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On this week's highly anticipated broadcast of "Healing Camp," the Girls' Generation members opened up and shared many things that the public has been dying to know.

One of those things were the love lives of two of the members, YoonA and Sooyoung. During the show, YoonA shared some of thoughts on her public relationship.

She revealed that she felt bad for her fellow Girls' Generation members after her relationship was made public.

"I sent everyone a text, saying that I am sorry for having these kinds of reports being made. This never happened before in our group so I was even sorrier," she said.

YoonA continued, "Because of me, the members had to receive questions and give answers on dating, which they didn't have to. So I thought it would be really hard for them."

When YoonA was asked how she dates Lee Seung Gi, she carefully chose her words by saying, "Just like how you saw in the articles."

She also revealed how she felt when the news first hit the public. "I was so flustered," she started.

Then the MCs asked, "Didn't you predict this? Didn't Lee Seung Gi always say that you were his ideal type?"

YoonA answered, "I thought he was just saying that because it was on broadcast. At that time, he didn't directly portray interest."

YoonA also cleared up the rumors of her being jealous of Lee Seung Gi's "Gu Family Book" co-star, Suzy. She said, "There was no jealousy at all. They were just working together. I'm really curious about where those rumors come from," with a laugh.

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