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"Age of Feeling" Production Makes Rightful Payments to Staff and Actors

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It has been reported that the "Age of Feeling" production has made the proper payments to all the staff members and actors, allowing the filming to resume.

On March 17, the production for "Age of Feeling" commented, "All payments for the filming, lighting, makeup, and sound staff have been made today on 7PM. Therefore, there will be no impact on future filming."

Previously, there have been multiple issues rising with the matter of payment for "Age of Feeling." Reports were made on certain actors and staff members not getting properly paid. However, the production company reportedly made all the rightful payments. Actors belonging in the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union will be getting paid between March 18 and March 21.

A certain drama insider commented, "Actually, it's hard to say that this is the production company's fault. It seems like the problem comes from the weak structure of the drama industry. The actors and staff do not want to bring a negative effect on the drama. So all of this is rather unfortunate."

However, "Age of Feeling" is still showing strong ratings, coming out as the #1 drama in its timeslot.

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