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Tablo's Daughter Haru Continues to Show Her Strong G-Dragon Love

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On this week's "Superman Returns," Tablo's daugther Haru continued to show her love for G-Dragon.

On the March 16 broadcast of "Superman Returns," Haru was sitting down with a bowl of cereal for breakfast in the morning. Then, suddenly without warning, she said, "Daddy, can you please tell Jiyong oppa that I ate this today when you go to work?" She wanted Tablo to tell her beloved G-Dragon that she deliciously ate her breakfast! She also said, "Can you tell me if Jiyong oppa ate something as delicious as this as well," referring to her cereal.

Previously, Haru showed how lovesick she was over the charismatic Big Bang leader when she and her father went to visit the group at their Seoul concert. When she finally met G-Dragon, she was so shy that she couldn't even lift her head!

So when Haru mentioned G-Dragon out of the blue this week, Tablo was surprised that her love continued! He held up his phone and told his daughter, "I'll call him up right now and tell him!" But then, Haru seemed to be really shy once again and refused to let her father call G-Dragon!

Meanwhile, Tablo and Haru spent their day together by going to magic school to learn about fun magic tricks.

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