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A-PRINCE Members Get Slapped in the Face by a Gagwoman in New Teaser Video

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A-PRINCE is going for a bolder teaser as the recent videos show the members being slapped by gagwoman Oh Na Mi. On March 15, A-PRINCE’s official Youtube channel uploaded a new video of member Seung Jun sitting with the gagwoman. When the singer asked Oh Na Mi if she would “like to Kiss?” the question was immediately shot down with a slap, as the gagwoman said, “Are you crazy?” Seeing that Seung Jun’s ear was red, we would have to guess that numerous cuts of this teaser had been taken (yikes!). Nonetheless, the teaser was quite memorable, and makes us curious about group’s comeback. Earlier on March 13, a similar teaser video was uploaded with member Shi Yoon being slapped by Oh Na Mi when he asked her the same question.

The group will make their comeback on March 28 with their song, “Do You Want to Kiss?” As A-PRINCE joins the number of groups that will be making their comeback by the end of this month, we hope that the slaps in this teaser will help bear some results in promoting this group. Check out the teaser videos below.

Seung Jun

Shi Yoon

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