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Orange Caramel Meets Their Delectable Demise in Third Single "Catallena" MV

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After School's quirky sub-unit Orange Caramel has finally released the full music video for their new third single, "Catallena." After teasing fans with images and clips that hinted a very fishy transformation of the group, the music video tells the full story of the girls' delectable demise.

In the music video Raina is a mackerel, Nana is a salmon, and Lizzy is a shrimp. They are the not most wanted out of the edible fish group, with the octopus (played by Kim Dae Sung) selling for a  whopping 78,000 won (~$75). 

Before today's release of the music video and single, Orange Caramel held a little fan meeting on March 11, in which they gave a secret screening of the music video. Lizzy and Nana also made a pledge to "buy fans good" if they win first place with "Catallena." Lizzy additionally said she would each sushi on the stage if they win first place. Raina added that she would have to think more about what kind of pledge to take.

Orange Caramel's first comeback stage will be on "M!Countdown" on March 13. 


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