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Kim Soo Hyun Thanks Chinese Fans and TV Station for the Love and Support of "Man from the Stars"

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It was previously reported Kim Soo Hyun would be the first Korean star to appear on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s variety program, “Super Brain.” A rep from Jiangsu Satellite TV also revealed they provided the actor with a private jet in order to invite Kim Soo Hyun on “Super Brain.” It was reported the actor was paid 3 million yuan (approx. $490,000) for his appearance on the show. Kim Soo Hyun along with Chinese top star Cheung Pak Chi (Cecilia Cheung) appeared on the show as special judges.

Kim Soo Hyun's agency, Keyeast, has released pictures of the star coming off his private jet looking like looking quite composed if not a little surprised by the crowd around him eager to take pictures. According to news reports, around 600 security personnel were employed to secure the safety of the star and the thousands of safety of fans that had started to gather from the night before. In another photo uploaded to Kim Soo Hyun's Weibo account, the star is pictured making the jet his own, looking comfortable and relaxed as he studies the script on the table.

The president of Keyeast, Yang Geun Hwan, commented, "We were able to experience through the fans and media how much love Kim Soo Hyun and 'Man from the Stars' is receiving in China while we spent the day there. We are grateful to the broadcasting station as well as to the fans who helped us complete the show recording happily despite the busy schedule."

Kim Soo Hyun's special treatment is no surprise considering the current feverish popularity of his recently completed drama "Man from the Stars" in China. Now if Kim Soo Hyun was really our alien "Do Manager," he could have just teleported to China. 

The episode of "Super Brain" starring Kim Soo Hyun airs March 21.

kim soo hyun china jet

kim soo hyun in jet china

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