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Dynamic Duo's Choiza and Lim Kim Release Tearful Teaser for Philtre's "Last Scene" MV

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Choiza from hip hop group Dynamic Duo and singer Lim Kim have come together for their first collaboration single "Last Scene" from producer Philtre's upcoming album "Scene #2." The track will be released on March 13.

The teaser for the upcoming song features a sad girl who sings with a sad face as she stands in a dark room. The actress sheds a tear drop near the end of the teaser as she sees a girl twirling in a glass box. Enjoy the teaser below.

Here is the album art for Philtre's upcoming album "Scene #2." It features a plant that is drooping and dripping water with the night sky in the background.


For those who are not familiar with Phitre's music, here is the single "Scene #1" featuring Younha

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