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“Infinity Challenge” Members Transform into Aliens to Conquer the Earth + Next Week's Preview

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The members of “Infinity Challenge” made a complete transformation into aliens on the March 8 episode of the variety show.

The “Protect the Earth” special featured each member as a familiar science fiction film character, here to conquer the humans and take over Earth. Gil was a conehead from “Coneheads,” while Haha was a monster from “Pan’s Labyrinth” and Yoo Jae Suk was a commander from “Star Trek.”

Park Myung Soo went all out with his hairstyle and pointy-eared makeup, looking exactly like an alien from the movies. And what’s an alien show without special powers? Each member possesses a different power of their own, Yoo Jae Suk, for example, has the power to stop time.

The alien special followed after “Infinity Challenge” Jamaica special on March 8. It will pick up where it left off next week with special guests, including speed skater Lee Sang Hwa and ZE:A member Park Hyung Sik.

The alien members of “Infinity Challenge” will be up against Earth’s special force agents, who are said to possess significant abilities of their own. Will the humans be able to defend Earth? Or will our planet be conquered by the “Infinity Challenge” aliens?

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