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Simon D Joins Jay Park as the CEO of AOMG in New Profile Photos

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Rapper and ex-Supreme Team member Simon D has joined his forces with Jay Park.

On March 9 at midnight, Simon D wrote on his Twitter, "AOMG's two CEOs," and shared a sleek profile photo taken together with the fellow CEO. On the same day, Jay Park tweeted, "Simon D and I are now gonna run AOMG together! 2014 is gon be a crazy year~ AOMG 2 C.E.O #aomg#followthemovement #happybdaysimond"

In the photo, the two CEOs are showing off their charismatic side by rocking stylish black outfits and striking strong poses. As expected, they simply ooze coolness as they utilize the leather sofa chair to boost their CEO status.

Back in September, Jay Park announced the launch of his independent hip hop label AOMG (Above Ordinary Music Group), name inspired by AOM, the b-boy crew he is a proud member of. Since then, he has gathered many fellow artists under his roof, and the label has quickly gained popularity among hip hop lovers.

From this day on, the two rappers will be the joint CEOs of AOMG. A representative of the label revealed to news outlet OSEN, "The two stood on stage together on March 9, when they celebrated Simon D's birthday by throwing a performance at a club. It was the first time for the joint CEOs of AOMG to perform in front of the public together."

In addition to Simon D and Jay Park, AOMG represents artists Gray, Loco, Jun Goon, Ugly Duck, DJ Wegun, DJ Pumkin, and b-boy crew AOM.


What do you think- a good partnership or not?

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