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Soyu x Junggigo Bow in Thanks for Third Win at Music Bank

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Co-ed project duo Soyu x Junggigo took home their third trophy on Music Bank this week. They took to Twitter to express their gratitude to their fans.

Following their win on Music Bank on March 7, Soyu posted on Sistar’s official Twitteraccount, “’Thank you very, very much to those who have given their support to ‘Some.’ I will work harder to show you better songs and performances,” attaching a picture of the duo. Junggigo replied to the tweet, adding a sample, “Thank you.”

The picture uploaded along with the Twitter post shows Soyu and Junggigo giving a full bow to the camera, kneeling on the floor with their bodies bent over such that their heads were resting on their hands.

Soyu x Junggigo posted their third consecutive win on KBS Music Bank this week, taking their total count to nine wins for “Some.”

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