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Rookie Group 1PS Introduce Themselves in Fun and Random Video Interview

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Rookie girl group 1PS introduced themselves though a fun video interview titled I'M(Introduce Myself) to promote their newest single "Because I’m Your Girl." 

In the interview, members Seha, Jieun, Yoonseo and Yena have random question and answer sessions where they share interesting information about themselves and their thoughts on random subjects. They members reveal their ages, waist sizes, complexes, and crushes in this fast paced interview.

They also show off their unique talents, and the members finish the video by playing the traditional Korean string instrument gaya-geum. Watch the fun interview below.

Watch the MV for 1PS's debut single "Because I'm Your Girl" here.  The group's name stands for “One Piece Score," representing the way the four members unify to 'one piece' when making a 'score.'

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