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Actor Yoo Gun Dishes on Kim Yuna's Boyfriend, Kim Won Joong's Personality

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Figure skating queen Kim Yuna and hockey player Kim Won Joong's confirmed relationship is quickly becoming the hottest news of the moment.

As the public discovered the ice couple's relationship, there has been much curiosity about the man who stole the heart of their beloved ice heroine.

Luckily for the public, Kim Won Joong has set afoot on broadcast in the past as actor Yoo Gun's friend. He appeared on MBC's "Star's Best Friend" in 2009" with Yoo Gun. At the time, Kim Won Joong capivated the audience with his tall height (180cm), good physique and handsome features. Yoo Gun met Kim Won Joong while filming "My Mighty Princess" and needed to receive ice hockey lessons for his character.

On March 6, Yoo Gun spoke with CBS No Cut News and said, "I had no idea that the two were dating. But beside the fact that he's dating Kim Yuna, Kim Won Joong is a very charming guy. He has the looks and also has a sensitive personality. He takes care of others very well and has a big heart. When he went on the variety show with me in the past, a lot of people were interested in him because of his personality. He is someone that people want to be friends with."

Yoo Gun continued, "We haven't seen each other face to face lately but only communicated by phone. But I haven't heard of his relationship with Kim Yuna. It was probably hard for him to tell me since it is Kim Yuna."

Yoo Gun is currently taking a break from activities after his last drama, KBS' "Sweet Springs." He is planning on moving agencies and will start looking for a new project.

Meanwhile, Kim Yuna and Kim Won Joong earlier confirmed their 3-year relationship.

[caption id="attachment_587139" align="aligncenter" width="532"]A screen shot of Kim Won Joong and Yoo Gun together A screen shot of Kim Won Joong and Yoo Gun together[/caption]


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