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Girls' Generation Talks Delayed Comeback, Promoting with 2NE1, and Future Goals

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The nation's girl group Girls' Generation has returned.

News outlet Star News met up with the nine girls backstage at MNet's "M!Countdown" on March 6, and when asked to describe their feelings about making a comeback, they revealed, "We were really sorry for our fans because after revealing teasers and the comeback date, it [the comeback] was postponed. We felt anxious as we wanted to release our new song fast."

The girl group's original plan was to first reveal their fourth mini album "Mr.Mr." on February 19, and then perform their comeback stage on "M!Countdown" the day after. However, due to issues with corrupted music video data, their album was released a few days later on February 24.

Despite the small setbacks, their title track "Mr.Mr." has turned out to be a huge success. It topped two of Gaon's Weekly Charts (February 23 to March 1), one based on digital sales and the another on download counts, and the music video has been viewed around seven million times on YouTube.

The girls expressed their satisfaction, "Even though the release of this music video was delayed due to production problems, in the end, it came out pretty good."

As two of the nation's top girl groups, many are wondering about the relationship between Girls' Generation and 2NE1, especially as their promotion periods overlap this time around. Taeyeon denied the existence of any sorts of rivalry between the two groups, "As our styles are naturally different, I don't really worry too much. I am glad to be able to promote together with good colleagues."

"It is fun and delightful to promote together with many colleague, sunbae, and hoobae singers. I hope that fans would look over us happily and show their love," she continued.

The girls successfully performed "Wait a Minute" and "Mr.Mr." on "M!Countdown" on March 6, and they will now continue to greet their fans on the rest of the weekly music shows. With eight years of experience behind them, their stages were just as polished and charismatic as expected.

Taeyeon explained, "There are point moves throughout the performance, such as touching our bow ties and fixing the sleeves of our shirts. Overall, you will be able to feel our charm with boyish and cool elements."

While they are unarguably the nation's leading girl group, there still seems to be room for improvement in the girls' opinion. When asked about their future goal, they responded, "Maintaining the title of Girls' Generation. We want to continuously develop and foster Girls' Generation's style. If trophies and other such things follow, it's even better (laughter)."

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