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[Interview] Kim Soo Hyun Talks About Do Min Joon, His Favorite "Man from the Stars" Scene and More

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On March 5, a press conference was held to celebrate the successful run of the SBS hit series, "Man from the Stars."

During the press conference, Kim Soo Hyun shared his deep thoughts on the drama such as his character Do Min Joon, his co-stars, his favorite scene and other personal reflections.

Kim Soo Hyun kept the atmosphere sincere yet light, saying "Sorry for rambling" with a smile whenever he felt his answers got a bit long. When a reporter asked "Your face is so small that it brings damage to your co-stars. What do you think about that," Kim Soo Hyun merely laughed and paused before saying, "Thanks, mom."

Here are some of Kim Soo Hyun's answers to the questions asked during the press conference:

Q: What did you think when you first read about your character Do Min Joon?

A: I thought of a line from the film "Tazza: The High Rollers." Madame Jung (Kim Hye Soo) calls Goni (Jo Seung Woo), "a man who no one can have." A man who no one can have means he's a man that everyone wants to have. I wanted Do Min Joon to seem like a man who no one can have as well.


Q: What were the key points to acting as Do Min Joon?

A: I focused on expressing the long period of time that he lived through. Getting to show the viewers the different time periods like the Joseon era and Korea's Westernization was really fun. Rather than focusing on the fact that he is an alien, I tried to think of all the hardships and scars that caused him to shut his heart after coming to earth. Do Min Joon is a character that combines all of my other characters that I've ever played since my debut. That was how much I tried to express the scars throughout a long period of time.

Q: How would you rate your partner, Jun Ji Hyun?

A: As soon as I saw the script, I thought I was going to die because Chun Song Yi's character wa sso cute and lovable. Jun Ji Hyun's personality is very cheerful in real life and she makes it easy for one to focus on the romantic feelings. I was very focused (laughs). The staff members were ecstatic to be working with Jun Ji Hyun. So of course, the set atmosphere was very good. Ji Hyun nuna would always prepare very well before coming on set so I knew I was with the best Chun Song Yi for every moment of acting.


Q: Which scene do you think was the best?

A: The frozen time kiss scene on the frozen lake. It snowed a lot and had a very icy and cold atmosphere but I think the scene was good at showing the warm emotions.

Q: The many kiss scenes became a hot topic...

A: Personally, I thought a lot about whether Do Min Joon should seem experienced or inexperienced at kissing. If I just think about Do Min Joon, he should be stiff and awkward but during the discussions with the staff, we wanted viewers cry out automatically when watching the kiss scene so I tried to create better-looking angles.


Q: What is your secret to success starting from "Moon that Embraces the Sun" to "Man from the Stars?"

A: I was really fortunate with the projects itself. They were very attractive characters to being with and characters that allowed viewers to easily open their hearts. When I look through projects, I think it's important to see how the characters mesh with the project. The director, the writer, senior Kim Chang Wan, Jun Ji Hyun, they all helped me to focus on my emotions and concentrate. Even while I was acting, I felt 'Oh, I am really acting.'"


Q: What is your actual personality like?

A: I'm very stubborn. Because I focus too much on one area, I heard that my personality isn't very helpful when it comes to having to look at the general picture. But I say, "I don't look at the forest, I look at the tree or trees." I think having a stubborn personality is helpful in expressing the emotions.

Q: When you were doing "Moon that Embraces the Sun," you said you were a challenger. How about now?

A: I am still a challenger. I will always try to keep my charging attitude.


In other news, Kim Soo Hyun will be leaving for his Asian Tour on March 16 to meet with his overseas fans.

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