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Sunny Reveals That Food Is the Best Cure to Stress

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Girls' Generation's Sunny revealed that her way of relieving comeback stress is through eating.

On the SBS show "Night of TV Entertainment," an interview with Girls' Generation took place. Sunny talked about some of her segments revealed through a reality show that constantly showed her eating.

The singer said, "In getting ready for the comeback, I think I got a lot of stress and tried to calm that down with food. I didn't gain a lot of weight but I do feel like I'm eating too much."

During the interview, it was also revealed that the member who sleeps the most is Yuri.

YoonA said, "She sleeps so much that she can't even watch a movie at night."

In responding to YoonA's comment, Yuri said, "I feel so happy being able to sleep."

Sunny on Night of TV Entertainment

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