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Korean Movie "Tabloid Truth" to Screen in N. American Theaters This Week

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Action/mystery film "Tabloid Truth" will begin screening in select theaters in Los Angeles, New York Hawaii and Vancouver this week on March 7. Featuring Kim Kang Woo, Jeong Jin Yeong, Ko Chang Seok and Park Seong Woong, it is said to be the first film to place a spotlight on the Korean tabloid culture. The movie was just recently released in Korea on February 20. 

Synopsis: A scandalous rumor about an up-and-coming actress is included as a gossip item in a stock market tipsheet and propagated by the tabloids, causing her to take her own life. Woo Gon (Kim Kang Woo), the actress's long-time devoted manager who dedicated everything to building her career, initiates avengeful investigation to expose the sources of the malicious rumor. With unexpected assistance from a tabloid distributor Mr. Park (Jeong Jin Yeong) and a legendary wiretapper Baek Moon (Ko Chang Seok), Woo unravels the opaque and lucrative world of secret tips and salacious rumors.

For showtimes and more information, check out the film's official US site.

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