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Mr.Mr Released "Mr.Mr." Track to "Diss" Girls' Generation's "Mr.Mr."

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This is the story about how a little guy decided to take on a much bigger guy by using a song title and choice lyrics. 

Boy group Mr.Mr.  released the single "Mr.Mr." only a few days after Girls' Generation released their version of "Mr.Mr." Along with the uncanny timing of the release, the song is a mid tempo R&B song about pain and betrayal. With lyrics like "How could you do this, when I'm right here,"  "Another Mr.Mr that's not me," "Am I the loser and you the winner," and "Since you're so high up you must think little of me," it seems that this song is more of a message. 

Netizens were quick to catch on to the time and lyrics and asked, "Is this a diss to Girls' Generation or to SM?" 

Normally, agencies play dumb and pretend that it was all a coincidence, but Mr.Mr.'s agency, Winning Insight M, chose instead to be forthright and admit their true intention. A representative of the agency gave the statement,  "The song is directed towards Girls' Generation and SM Entertainment. To have a song come out with the same title is quite damaging to our group who is preparing to release an album."

There you have it. 

Unlike the title similarity that TVXQ and Girl's Day had with "Something," it is a little more unlikely that Mr.Mr. will go head to head with Girls' Generation with their "Mr.Mr." songs. Perhaps Winning Insight M is hoping that some careless Girls' Generation fans will accidentally vote for the other song in confusion? Or, maybe this was just what the group needed since the last time Mr.Mr. made the headlines was when their newest member left the group because of a controversy involving a transgender female.

You can listen to Mr.MR.'s "Mr.Mr." here:

What do you think about this move? Share your thoughts below! 

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