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Actor Kim Joo Hyuk Is Speechless Watching Park Shin Hye Dancing to Sistar’s “Alone”

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Actress Park Shin Hye appeared on the March 2 broadcast of KBS’ variety program “1 Night 2 Days” as the show’s fifth morning angel. The cast members who woke up quickly enjoyed their breakfast while members Kim Joo Hyuk and Defconn woke up late and in turn missed out on the morning meal.

Seeing how the two members were waiting outside while the rest of the cast enjoyed the meal inside, Park Shin Hye came out and asked, “What can I do so that you guys can eat breakfast? Is there a way I can help?” The variety show’s PD suggested that she does a speed quiz.

One of the words Kim Joo Hyuk had to guess was Sistar’s “Alone.” The cast and staff were able to witness Park Shin Hye’s dance skill as she tried to dance Sistar’s sexy choreography.

park shin hye 1 night 2 days

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