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Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Mr.” Is Being Recognized by the International Media

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When the long awaited music video for Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.’ was finally uploaded on SM Entertainment’s Youtube channel, many rushed to watch the girls’ new concept. Viewers were pleasantly surprised to see a very different music video style that focused on the story plot using bright and contrasting colors. The international media also seemed to have heard about the girls’ comeback, as foreign press have weighed in on Girls’ Generation’s new music video.

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The praises by international media portrayed how the “Mr. Mr.” music video grabbed the attention of viewers from different backgrounds. When it came to describing Girls’ Generation’s new video, online entertainment site POPDUST commented how the music video was “Proof that they’re (Girls’ Generation) history’s most attractive girl group.” Furthermore, American music chart, Billboard, featured a column that described the “Mr. Mr.” music video to be “looking more mature than ever.” The idea that Girls’ Generation were maturing in their concepts was not unique to Billboard as FUSE TV also mentioned how the music video “served up sophisticated class for this cinematic visual.” Moreover, with over 39 million followers on Twitter, the official YouTube Twitter account (@YoutTube) posted a tweet that read, "We've got a fever, and the only prescription is more @GirlsGeneration," while posting a link to the YouTube music video. 

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Despite the initial chaos of music video data loss to audio leaks, Girls’ Generation has finally made their official comeback with the release of the “Mr. Mr.” music video. It is different than their previous cute, choreograph focused videos, but the sophistication, maturity, and pose by each member highlights the music video’s visuals.

Girls’ Generation will be making their official television comeback through Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on March 6. Check out the girls’ music video below!

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