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"Miss Granny" Director Is Thankful to Kim Soo Hyun for His Cameo

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Kim Soo Hyun makes even the smallest cameo shine like no other.

In the comedy film “Miss Granny," Kim Soo Hyun makes a surprise cameo appearance as the young Mr. Park, played by actor Park In Hwan.

Until now, Kim Soo Hyun’s existence in the film was a sort of ending or spoiler, and the people who have seen the movie made sure to keep his cameo a secret, as if they would be ruining the movie otherwise. However, as the film broke the 8,000,000 viewer mark, the “Miss Granny” production publicly expressed their thanks to Kim Soo Hyun and revealed his cameo scene. 

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk said, “We were looking for an actor who would match well with Doo Ri, played by Shim Eun Kyung, and we immediately thought of Kim Soo Hyun. Regardless of the fact that the scene is very short, he happily agreed to do it, and we successfully created what is potentially the most surprising cameo of all time in Korean movies,” expressing his satisfaction and thanks.

In the cameo scene, Kim Soo Hyun, the young Mr. Park, rolls up on a motorcycle, and as soon as he takes off his helmet and smiles at Mal Soon, the audience was stunned.  

Even though his appearance was short, he worked with senior actress Na Moon Hee in order to perfect the dialect of his character for his one line, and perfectly played out the romance between his character and Oh Mal Soon (Na Moon Hee). 

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