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Minwoo Pokes Fun at Fellow Shinhwa Members Dongwan and Eric

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On the March 1 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Escape at 2PM Cultwo Show,” Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, who recently made a comeback with “Taxi,” appeared as a guest. On the show, host Jung Chan Woo asked Minwoo why he had wanted to do the variety show “Daddy Where Are We Going?” after getting married, at which he said, “Shinhwa hasn’t gotten married yet. We thought it would be fun to have a joint wedding, then have all of our kids on stage with us. Even the thought of it is fun.” 

Kim Tae Kyoon then asked Minwoo which member he thinks is going to get married first. Minwoo replied, “It’ll be Dongwan or Eric. Because they’re starting to get wrinkles.” Minwoo and his infallible logic.


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