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Servers Went Down for Kim Soo Hyun's Online Fan Meeting Ticket Auctions

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Servers went down when fans tried to get the last online ticket for actor Kim Soo Hyun’s fan meeting.

On February 27, the online ticket auction site Interpark started the actor’s fan meeting tickets auction “2014 Kim Soo Hyun 1st Memories in Seoul.” All 2,000 seats were booked in just 5 minutes and more than 10,000 people were online at the site at the time. Due to this happening, the Interpark servers went down temporarily.

A representative of the actor’s agency stated, “With all the attention from the fans, it is true that the servers went down for some time. All the tickets were sold out in 5 minutes and we thank you so much. ”

The competition to get those tickets was fierce and as a result, there were some apparent illegal ticket tradings. While the ticket alone was just 33,000 Korean Won ($31 USD), for those who were not lucky to get a ticket, they wrote on the message board that they were willing to buy it for 600,000 won which is approximately $562 in US dollars. The sellers then posted their kakaotalk IDs in order to exchange their tickets for money.

A representative said, “We were originally planning on a 1000-seat fan meeting but due to Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity, we enlarged it to 2000. I guess that still wasn’t enough. I hope that the fans don’t get hurt.”

Kim Soo Hyun will launch his fan meetings starting in Seoul, and then to Taiwan, three cities in China which are Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Kim Soo Hyun

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