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B.A.P Reveals Keyword Themes for "B.A.P Live On Earth 2014"


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Idol group B.A.P just revealed the theme for their two concert performances in Seoul, "B.A.P Live On Earth 2014," to be held on March 8 and 9. 

On February 26, a video titled “Bang Yong Guk’s way for a better world” was uploaded on B.A.P’s official Facebook. The video, as the title suggests, shows the B.A.P leader setting an example for the creation of a better world through charity and setting precedence. It celebrates Bang Yong Guk’s selection as one of the 7 finalists in the ‘Activism’ category for the Shorty Awards, and showcases footage from the leader’s activities and tireless efforts. 

At the end of the video, we see the sentence “Earth Needs You,” reflecting back on the concert posters for the individual B.A.P members. The concert posters, released one-by-one starting on February 21, show each of the members with the incomplete statement “Earth Needs [  ],” allowing fans to fill the blank themselves, and guess the theme of the concert. 

With this year’s tour, B.A.P will strive to relay the message of the importance of each individual in bettering the world: “Earth Needs You.” Accordingly, they have six ‘secret keywords’ to fill the empty brackets in “Earth Needs [  ],” naming things that the world needs to become a better place, which they recently revealed.  

Solemn in black, leader Bang Yong Guk represents ‘Justice.’ In white, laughing without restraint is Zelo, representing ‘Happiness.’ Jongup, with a strong gaze and serious expression, is for ‘Passion.’ Flashing a warm smile and gaze is Daehyun, for ‘Love.’ With a suppressed expression is Himchan, representing ‘Emotion,’ and finally there is Youngjae, with his head cocked, looking at ‘You.’   


B.A.P’s performance will be produced around these six keywords. Tying in the keywords with the new songs from the group’s first album “First Sensibility,” B.A.P will be telling a story in their performance. Don't miss their concerts on March 8 and 9 at the SK Handball Stadium!

Watch "Bang Yong Guk's way for a better world" below!

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