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SBS' Upcoming Variety Show "Roommate" Faces Problems Due to Unoriginal Concept


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SBS' latest reality show "Roommate" has run into problems even prior to filming.

Park Sang Hyuk PD, known for being the mastermind behind "Strong Heart," is set to make his comeback in April. "Roommate" will be the follow-up show for "K-Pop Star 3." However, the concept of the show has turned out to be less original than initially thought.

"Roommate" will follow the life of ten celebrities living under the same roof. While no official casting calls or requests have been sent, the plan is to finish casting in mid-March and dive straight into filming. The show can be expected to air in mid-April.

Park PD introduced the concept, "Living alone is good as well, but we pursue to highlight shared living. We will show the harmonized image when living with others, along with sharing emotions and living together."

However, CJ E&M's OliveTV revealed on February 27 that they will launch a show titled "Share House" in April. The residents will be sharing the common areas, such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, and cameras will follow their life in the house. The cast currently includes announcer Choi Hee, Dal Shabet's Woo Hee, model Kim Won Jung, actress Cheon Yi Seul, shoe designer Hwang Young Rong, and fashion designer Kim Jae Woong

As both of the shows will film the life of celebrities sharing a house and both are set to premiere in April, this issue has gained a lot of attention. PD Park Sang Hyuk revealed, "The two programs about raising children have also the same idea, right? The key point is how the programs will develop. The ideas can be similar, but the results will definitely be different."

OliveTV commented, "It is a program that we have prepared for since last year," and expressed their confidence in the show.

"Share House" will start airing on April 17, and "Roommate" premieres on April 22.


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