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[Recap] Saying Goodbye to "Man from the Stars"


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With Episodes 20 and 21 "Man from the Stars" has officially come to an end. The final two episodes aired amongst great speculation about possible endings and the delivery was filled with largely satisfying emotions. That being said, saying goodbye is never easy, no matter if you are an alien, an actress, or an invested viewer. 

Key Plot Developments:

Min Joon Explains His View on Death

Life can be happy

During his 400 years on Earth, Min Joon has seen death countless times, but it is only now that he has experienced love that he understands the point of trying. It's the moments in life that are the most important. Even with the certainty of death, we can still live happy lives. 

Min Joon's First Family Dinner

Family Dinner

Not only is this meal Min Joon's first dinner with his in-laws, it's also his first meal with a family. We find out that on Min Joon's planet, the concept of family and friends doesn't exist. In interview mode, Min Joon remarks his relief that Song Yi has the support of these people in her life. At the same time, he too wants to be able to stay with them.

Min Joon's Health Deteriorates


Nosebleeds are the kiss of death in dramaland.

When Min Joon suddenly starts bleeding, sad times were guaranteed to follow.

Song Yi Mistakenly Thinks Min Joon is Dead

Song Yi Thinks Dead

After collapsing on his bed, Song Yi finds Min Joon lying there and immediately believes that the worst has occurred. Her sobs of despair are haunting and utterly heartbreaking. 

Sy and MJ Talk

Once Song Yi calms down and Min Joon reassures her that he is still at her side, Song Yi repeats that she can't have Min Joon die because of her. She must at least know that Min Joon will continue to live somewhere in the universe in order for her to survive.

One Week of Ordinary Happiness

1 week left

The countdown has finally reached its end. With one week to go, Min Joon and Song Yi embrace each moment they have left together. While Min Joon claims their week to be "as boring and ordinary as it gets", their time is filled with precious and happy interactions. No matter if they are watching TV, practicing Song Yi's lines, or playing go-stop, these two know how to cherish the moment. 

Kiss Week

Min Joon even takes advantage of Song Yi's playful mood to plant a kiss!

Min Joon Accidentally Teleports


Min Joon's powers continue to slip as his deadline approaches. He's losing control and this time he ends up stranded in a busy street without any shoes. His feelings of despair and loss are difficult to watch. 

Min Joon and Lawyer Jang Say Heartbreaking Goodbyes

Lawyer Jang Goodbye

The love between Min Joon and Lawyer Jang is a friendship that has stood the test of time. They've developed from acquaintances to a sort of father-son relationship. It was touching to see these two share their goodbyes at the same park from their past when Min Joon had first saved Lawyer Jang's life. Lawyer Jang put it best when he said "I feel like a parent sending his child away". These two formed a special bond over their time together. 

Song Yi's Sweet Proposal

Song Yi Propose

When Min Joon returns home, Song Yi greets him with a romantic display of flowers, candles, and rose petals. She leads him to the living room and announces they are getting married since this is Min Joon's final night. She even prepared a special gift for Min Joon and she hands him a USB with a video he needs to watch alone later. 

Min Joon's Heartfelt "I Love You" Speech

I Love You

According to Min Joon, his greatest power is his ability to stop time. He confesses to Song Yi that while she may think he has never said "I love you", he has in fact said it many times to her while time was frozen. Now, he can finally say these words with confidence for Song Yi to hear.

Song Yi's Proposal Video  

Marry Me

In the epilogue of episode 20, Min Joon watches the video from Song Yi. It turns out to be Song Yi  dancing to the song "Marry You" by Bruno Mars. She does a fantastic job being both adorable and sincere with her proposal of marriage. 

marry me cry

Just like Min Joon, I found myself first laughing at her antics, but then quickly dissolving into tears. 

Farewell Advice for Song Yi 

Goodbye Cry

The meteor shower begins and Min Joon knows he is about to disappear. Before he leaves, he is able to say some parting words. He warns Song Yi about everyday occurrences like not to showing skin in the winter and avoiding reading netizen comments. More importantly, Min Joon promises he will find a way to return. He will do all he can to fight his fate, but if he can't, he urges Song Yi to forget everything. 

Song Yi Cry Balcony

Understandably, Song Yi breaks down upon seeing that Min Joon has left without allowing her to say her own farewell.

Song Yi Hit Hard By Min Joon's Departure

Song Yi Missing

She can't eat, she can't sleep, and she certainly can't stop thinking about Min Joon. Her family and friends are very concerned, but luckily Min Joon left instructions for those closest to her. Her mom, Hee Kyung, her brother, and even Se Mi are all there to support her as she struggles with her devastating heartbreak. To help cope, Song Yi looks for traces of Min Joon, visiting places that remind her of him. 

100th Day Anniversary


It's Song Yi's wish to celebrate her 100 day anniversary with Min Joon eating at Namsan Tower. He may have disappeared, but Song Yi can't help but hope he'll make an appearance.

100 Day

As luck would have it, Song Yi looks up and there's Min Joon smiling back at her. While remarkable, the moment lasts only seconds and Min Joon is gone again. Song Yi can't quite convince herself it was a delusion- it felt too real to be her imagination. Lawyer Jang backs her up, confessing he also saw Min Joon for a moment while watering his plants.

Three Years Later

3 years later

The timeline jumps forward three years where we find Song Yi once again a successful actress. 

Min Joon Crowd

While on set for a drama, Song Yi thinks she sees Min Joon watching from the crowd.

She rushes towards him, but once again he is suddenly gone.

Song Yi Cry Dress

Three years may have passed, but Song Yi still misses Min Joon just as much as, if not more than, the day he left. 

Award Ceremony Reunion

Song Yi Award Show

While posing on the red carpet at an award ceremony, Song Yi suddenly finds herself surrounded by a frozen world. As she looks out into the crowd, the only movement she sees is from a suited figure walking towards her.

Min Joon Return

Min Joon has finally made his return! 

kiss red carpet

After scolding her for not wearing enough clothes and apologizing for leaving her side, Min Joon pulls Song Yi in for a passionate kiss. Time starts again, and to everyone's surprise, Min Joon and Song Yi have reunited for all to see. Sadly, Min Joon isn't yet back for good. In fact, he quickly disappears after their kiss, leaving a stunned Song Yi.

Where Did Min Joon Go?

Dual Interview

Min Joon explains in an interview that we was sucked into a wormhole. He was able to regain his strength and tried continuously to return to Earth. At first, he could only manage a few seconds, but with each trip he can last a bit longer before he disappears again. Song Yi proudly remarks that his latest stay has lasted 1 year and 2 months. 

Min Joon and Song Yi Chairs

Because any second could be their last, each moment they spend together is precious. Song Yi remarks that she is perfectly happy to have this chance to have Min Joon at her side. While not perfect, it's much better than never seeing her beloved again. Then just as Song Yi states her contentment, Min Joon soundlessly disappears again.

But at least we know he has found a way back home. 

I'm Home

To finish off the series, the epilogue shows Min Joon reappearing at Song Yi's side.

"I'm home", he states and pulls Song Yi in for a tight hug.

Other Important Moments:

The Detectives Help Out Min Joon

Detective Lie

Min Joon escapes any significant charges like kidnapping with help of his detective friends. The hardest consequence Min Joon has to handle is paying for the 12 expensive plates he broke. Well, he does still have to deal with the world knowing about his powers, but at least there are no criminal charges involved!

Jae Kyung's Dad Sends Him to Prison

Jae Kyung and Dad

Jae Kyung's plans to overturn his case are completely ruined when his father refuses to help. His father now knows just how much of a monster Jae Kyung is and he will see that his son remains in jail for life. 

Min Joon Appears in Jae Kyung's Cell


During one of his attempts to travel back to Earth, Min Joon ends up appearing in Jae Kyung's cell. Jae Kyung is rather frazzled, especially when Min Joon points out just how much he has lost. Jae Kyung isn't going to be killing anyone again any time soon.

Hee Kyung Continues to Support Song Yi From Afar

Hee Kyung

Hee Kyung never quite manages to get over his love for Song Yi. He keeps his promise to Min Joon, remaining at her side, but not taking Min Joon's place. His focus has shifted to be an investor in Song Yi's film projects and I don't foresee his role changing much in the future. After all Hee Kyung and his family have been through, I hope he can find his own happiness!

Se Mi Regains Some Confidence

Se Mi

Se Mi had a tough time throughout this drama. Her jealousy led her down a dark path of revenge that ultimately ruined her own happiness . Thankfully, by the end Se Mi seems to have made amends with her own personal insecurities. She may not be best friends with Song Yi anymore, but at least she isn't living a fake life like before. 

Comedic Highlights:

Song Yi Tries to Protect Min Joon From the Press

Media Ignore Song Yi

But much to Song Yi's surprise, Min Joon's super powers have made him an even bigger celebrity than herself.

Min Joon Autograph

He even gets asked for an autograph!

Song Yi's Concern for Min Joon at the Police Station

Call 911

"If you feel oppressed, call 911!"

Oh wait...

Song Yi's Friend is Devastated Song Yi Stole Her Man

Friend Cry

She never had a chance.

Teleporting in Front of Song Yi's Family

Teleport Mom

 Just as Song Yi's mom denies Min Joon's super powers, Min Joon and Song Yi suddenly appear in the living room.


Hit Min Joon

Even better, Min Joon intercepts a slap from Song Yi's mom, causing both Song Yi and Yoon Jae to rush to his side.  

Song Yi and Yoon Jae Fight Over Min Joon

Fight Over Min Joon

 The sibling rivalry for Min Joon's attention is adorable. 

Min Joon Gets Jealous of Hee Kyung

 Min Joon Jelaous

Min Joon's side eye stare is perfect.  

Min Joon's Always Concerned About Romanic Roles

Song Yi Pray

Even when he's about to disappear he's still thinks to forbid kiss scenes and back hugs in movies.

Another Yoon Jae ET Moment


His tackle hug was also fabulous.

Song Yi Wants to Shave Her Head

Shave Head

Friends don't let friends shave their heads when heartbroken! I'm glad Bok Ja knew what to say to deter Song Yi.

Bok Ja's New Love Interest is Song Yi's Brother 

 Bok Ja

At least she's happy, right? 

In Conclusion


I can't tell you how relieved I am that the show ended on an optimistic note. No, it's not a perfect solution since Min Joon can still unexpectedly disappear, but at least these two have the chance to create even more memorable moments. All of the angst leading up to this finale created only one hope inside me: I just wanted them to be happy. I'd say my wish came true with this ending- these two are as happy as can be so long as they can keep holding onto the other.


To be honest, I was hoping for a bit more with the ending. My favorite part of this series was the hilarious banter between our leads and I was left wanting more. The bittersweet could have used some more sweet, especially at the very end.  

Kiss 2

Unfortunately, there are still a few big questions that were left unanswered. Namely, what was the connection between Song Yi and her past doppelganger? That plot line was so pivotal at the start, but we never got a definitive answer to this mystery. Also, why couldn't we learn more about Min Joon's kissing tolerance (or lack-thereof)? Does it follow a similar rule as his wormhole travel where more practice helps build up resistance? I think this show could have really benefitted from 10 extra minutes of air time to hash out these issues and provide some really satisfying comic relief. 

Red Carpet

All in all, this was a fantastic drama. The genre may have been fantasy, but the love story was undeniably real and relatable. It's been a very long time since I've been this invested in the success of a main couple and this show gave me a new appreciation for a more simple romance. The importance of living in the moment was a nice message to end the show with.


There is so much I want to praise about this drama. First of all Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun did a spectacular job. Their remarkable range of emotion took me on a wonderful roller coaster ride every week. I never quite knew what to expect next from this show and I throughly enjoyed the journey. In addition, the camerawork, music, and writing combined to create a wonderful package. 

Closing Interview

I'll always remember this show for its outstanding leading chemistry and many side-splitting comedic moments.

Min Joon and Song Yi will forever live on in my heart.

What are your thoughts on the final episodes? Did you like the ending? What will you remember the most?

Feel free to comment below!

Thanks for reading. I really enjoyed writing these recaps each week and I hope you enjoyed reading them as well!



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