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How Jun Ji Hyun Got Kim Soo Hyun to Join "Man from the Stars" + Other Casting Secrets


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The wildly popular series "Man from the Stars" has recently revealed some intriguing behind-the-scenes and casting secrets such as how Jun Ji Hyun convinced Kim Soo Hyun to join the cast, Park Hae Jin's last minute role change and more.

It's safe to say that "Man from the Stars" is quite possibly the most popular TV program at the moment. Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun's amazing chemistry and acting have led viewers to laugh and cry for each episode. In just four episodes, the drama surpassed the 20% viewership mark.

Here are some of the casting secrets that have been revealed for the first time.

jun ji hyun

1. The PD and Main Writer Only Had Eyes for Jun Ji Hyun, What Made Jun Ji Hyun Say OK?

It was revealed that Jang Tae Yoo PD and writer Park Ji Eun have not thought of anyone else to play the role of Chun Song Yi but only had eyes for Jun Ji Hyun.

After only acting in movies for a long time, Jun Ji Hyun was starting to get interested in appearing in a drama again. She noticed that Director Jang and Writer Park have had stellar resumes with hit projects such as "Deeply Rooted Tree" and "You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly." It is said that Jun Ji Hyun took one look at only the first episode synopsis and chose the drama. Jun Ji Hyun said when she first met Writer Park, she took note of her unique way of talking and actions. When she saw those things reflected in the script, she fell for Writer Park's special senses right away.

jun ji hyun kim soo hyun 13

2. How Did Jun Ji Hyun Convince Kim Soo Hyun?

Furthermore, there has been recent rumors among fans that Kim Soo Hyun recommended Jun Ji Hyun for the Chun Song Yi role. However, it is the opposite. After becoming close through the film "The Thieves," both actors found out that they received offers for the same drama. It was then when Jun Ji Hyun personally called Kim Soo Hyun, asked him if he got the offer, and said, 'Let's do this together."

hong jin kyung
3. The First Person to Get Cast Was Hong Jin Kyung

It is said that Writer Park first thought of the story for "Man from the Stars" while listening to Hong Jin Kyung's radio show last year. She felt a certain sense of familiarity and closeness while listening to Hong Jin Kyung's voice so she created the character of Chun Song Yi's best friend and comic book store owner.

After receiving the offer, Hong Jin Kyung wondered if she could do a good job. After thinking about her role, she recommended her friends and comedians, Jo Se Ho and Nam Chang Hee, since they gave off the image of comic book fans. It was said that Writer Park delightfully accepted her recommendations.

park hae jin shin sung rok 143
4. Park Hae Jin's Role Was Originally Shin Sung Rok's Role

Park Hae Jin was not cast for the role of the hopelessly-in-love-with-Chun Song Yi, Lee Hwi Kyung character. Actually, he was cast for Shin Sung Rok's sociopath Lee Jae Kyung role. It is said that they even finished filming the first episode with Park Hae Jin as Lee Jae Kyung. However, the rookie actor who was cast for Lee Hwi Kyung's role suddenly stepped down from the drama. Therefore, Park Hae Jin took over that role and Shin Sung Rok was quickly added to the cast for Lee Jae Kyung. Shin Sung Rok is currently enjoying immense popularity for his bone-chilling portrayal of Lee Jae Kyung.

Meanwhile, "Man from the Stars" is running into its final stretch with the last episode to be aired on February 27.


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