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[Updated with Video] Critics and Fans Give Rave Reviews on 2NE1's Upcoming "Crush" Album


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Critics and fans who attended 2NE1's private listening party, "The Listening" have been raving about the group's new song.

2NE1 held this private listening party at midnight on February 26 with just a day remaining for their comeback. 21 fans and critics attended this party, where they became the first people to hear 2NE1's new music.

One of 2NE1's double title tracks, "Come Back Home" received great reviews on its unique genre and melody. Critic Kang Myung Seok of the web zine "Ize" commented, "Instead of having just one genre, it is a mix of reggae, dupstep and hip-hop. 'Come Back Home's hip-hop aspect had the greatest impact on the song."

"Spectrum"s Hong Seok Woo commented, "You can feel the rising effects through the beat and rhythm. It has an easy melody that you can sing along to. Teddy, PK and DP's great teamwork showed in the track. It'll be a song that will change 2NE1's past identity."

The other title track "Gotta Be You" was highly praised for its popular mass appeal. Media Bling's CEO Lee Se Hoon commented, "It is very 2NE1-like and has mass appeal."

A 2NE1 fan club member Han Hyun Jin commented, "It is a dance pop track where the beat and melody come straight into your ears. I think the general public and the fans will like this song for a long time."

For the three tracks that CL wrote and composed for her first time, including "Crush," "Hope To Live" and "Baby I Miss You," people said things like "It is a track that highlights 2NE1's identity," "It's a unique track that has a good emotional touch," "It is an urban-style track with interesting vocal tones," respectively.

Overall, the 21 listeners emphasized that this album protects 2NE1's identity but at the same time, attempts at new musical direction.

2NE1's "Crush" will be released on February 26. The group will also be kicking off their "All or Nothing" world tour on March 1.

Update (February 26):

YG Entertainment uploaded a video interview of various critics who gave their thoughts on the album.  Turn on captions for English subtitles.

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