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Hon to Leave Group Mr.Mr. Due to Controversy Involving Transgender Female


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Mr.Mr. member Hon will be leave the group, a week after the controversial viral post about his supposed sexual relationship with a transgender friend.

A representative of Mr.Mr.'s agency, Wining Insight M, told Sports Seoul, "Hon has decided to leave Mr.Mr. for the sake of the group. However, he will stay within the agency and possibly pursue solo activities."

The agency also wrote a message to fans of Mr.Mr. on the group's fan cafe. "The agency and the other members of Mr.Mr has agreed to respect Hon's decision. We will fully support Hon in starting anew. We sincerely apologize to the fans for worrying them and for any inconvenience caused by this tough decision. We ask that you continue to support and love Mr.Mr. and the members."

On February 11, a post about her past relationship with a current idol by a transgender female went viral. The post went into detail about how the idol had lived with her, worked in a host bar, and had stolen money from her. There was even a warning that there was a sex tape. Based on the hints in the post, it was rumored that the idol in question was member Hon from Mr.Mr. 

Wining Insight M released a statement in response saying that Hon and "Transgender A" did have a relationship, but it was not of sexual nature and that the other claims were untrue. 

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