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Lee Bo Young and Lee Min Jung Return to Dramas for the First Time Since Marriage


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It’s become an age of married women. In the void left by Jun Ji Hyun with the impending conclusion of the highly popular SBS drama “Man From the Stars,” married actresses Lee Bo Young and Lee Min Jung will be taking over. With the bar set high by Jun Ji Hyun, attention is falling on Lee Bo Young and Lee Min Jung's follow-up.

The saying ‘Marriage is death to a female celebrity,’ has long since gone to the gallows. With years of experience, the two actresses' acting has deepened, and chemistry with other actors is like fireworks. With their comebacks, both Lee Bo Young and Lee Min Jung, who have gotten a firm grasp on both love and work, will be taking a stab at something new. Jun Ji Hyun opened the door, and now it’s turn for these two. 

Lee Min Jung - From a goddess to a toughie.

The first to return to dramas will be Lee Min Jung, with the new MBC drama “Cunning Single Lady,” where she will be working with fellow actor Joo Sang Wook. As this drama is her first comeback work since her marriage, she took extra care in its selection. She will be leaving the refined and urban image that she had stuck to for so long behind, and will be back as a tough, single, lively woman, working various part time jobs. However, it’s not like she has completely thrown out her usual self. Viewers will also be able to see the ‘old,' lovely Lee Min Jung that we all know and love. 

The whole situation, with Lee Min Jung's comeback and image transformation, is not without some nerves or concern. According to a drama official, it’s likely the first episode will air on February 27. And of course, February 27 is also the day that Jun Ji Hyun’s “Man From the Stars” airs its final episode, not quite the desired situation for the first episode of a new drama.

However, MBC was confident. A drama official stated, “Because of the extension of ‘Man From the Stars,’ opinions were divided on the first air date [for ‘Cunning Single Lady’]. However, we believe in the quality of the drama, and as it is a completely different plot than the drama ‘Three Days,’ which comes after ‘Man From the Stars,’ we’ll be able to get back the viewers that we had lost,” showing their strong confidence in the success of the upcoming drama. 

Lee Bo Young - Her first thriller.. another big hit?

Lee Bo Young’s comeback drama is SBS’s “God’s Gift - 14 Days.” It is about a woman who travels two weeks back in time to save her daughter who had been kidnapped. Having been crowned the ‘romance queen’ after her performance in “I Can Hear Your Voice,” Lee Bo Young’s choice for her next piece to be a thriller was highly unexpected.

The actress plays the desperate mother Kim Soo Hyun, who, risking her life for her daughter, is called the ‘warrior.’ This is Lee Bo Young’s first time playing the role of a mother. It’s not her usual recipe for success, but that she’s taking on a new genre is a fresh take on Lee Bo Young as an actress, and as much as that is true, she carries an equivalent weight on her shoulders. In “God’s Gift - 14 Days,” actor Jo Seung Woo will be working alongside Lee Bo Young, helping her character in her struggles. 

While it is these two actresses’ first comebacks since their marriage, what is particularly interesting is that the two took on roles that are new to them. Stay tuned for more on the new dramas!


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