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Chinese Version of “Daddy Where Are We Going?” Becomes Extremely Popular


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The Chinese version of MBC’s “Daddy Where Are We Going?” has become extremely popular in China. Having broadcasted on Hunan TV from October to December of last year, the variety show that follows celebrity fathers and their children has come to be loved by the Chinese audience.

The Chinese version had recorded an average of 4.3% in ratings, while the show’s highest rating was 5.67%  Although the numbers seem low, considering that there are about 40 main television channels in China, even going past 1% in ratings is a success. Yet, the ability for Hunan TV’s “Daddy Where Are We Going” to reach an average of about 4% ratings conveyed the show’s extreme popularity.

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Moreover, the main producer of the show commented, “We ended up thinking a lot about the fathers’ roles while we prepared for this show. We learned a lot and had a lot of moments of self-reflection when we realized that in our male-female culture (in which men go out to work while women raise the children at home), the positions of fathers are diminishing. Through the show, many families in China are receiving many insights.”

China’s “Daddy Where Are We Going?” has become a program that helps families raise their children, as well as portrayed new methods of filming shows. In addition, a mobile game and a movie have been released based on the show, exemplifying just how popular “Daddy Where Are We Going?” is in China. Currently, Hunan TV is working on producing season two of the show. 

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