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Taecyeon Warns Netizens Posting Sexually Harassing Comments That He Won't Go Easy on Them

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Sounds like 2PM's Taecyeon is really ticked off. 

The star took to his Twitter to let off some steam. “After holding back time and again, I can’t take it anymore. Don’t even request any favorable treatment. You won’t be getting it," he said. 

It appears that two individuals are responsible for upsetting Taecyeon with their inappropriate comments on his Twitter. A previous tweet by Taecyeon read, “I’ll sue both of you. I’ll make an example out of you.”

According to media outlets, the comments these individuals posted on his Twitter can be best described as sexual harassment in nature, often targeting him with their careless and crude remarks. 

Taecyeon’s agency is currently looking into the entire issue. In the past, JYP has taken legal action on netizens who have sexually harassed their artists, as in the case of miss A’s Suzy

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