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2PM’s Chansung Gives His Thoughts on the 2014 Winter Olympics

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He may be the youngest 2PM member, but Chansung is full of wisdom and maturity beyond his age. As the Winter Olympics roll our way, it is easy to get caught in the winning, and the losing, aspect of the games. Despite possible disappointments, Chansung expressed his thoughts on celebrating, rather than cursing, the Olympic results.

On January 9, the singer tweeted, “I see people who say bad things to Olympic athletes who do not rank well in the final ranking. Yet, these people are athletes who are the best in our country, and who have prepared a long time to do their best. We should applaud these athletes for just being able to compete in the games. Whether they win a medal or not, the athletes have tried their best while sweating with effort. Let’s give applause to that effort. Previously, I was able to visit the national athletic center while filming ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education,’ and after watching the athletes train I find that they are amazing. Winter Olympics hwaiting!”

Although netizens might have become competitive with pride for their home country, Chansung’s thoughts are true in that all the athletes competing in the Winter Olympics deserve our applause. We wish the best for all who are participating in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Good luck!

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