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How Does Kim Han Sem Look After 16 years Since Her Debut With Hans Band?

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16 years ago, Hans Band debuted with their first album, “Teacher I Love You.” The group was composed of three sisters: Kim Han Na, Kim Han Byul, and Kim Han Sem. On the Februrary 9 broadcast of SBS’ “1000 Song Challenge,” the youngest sister made an appearance as a guest, surprising everybody by her youthful look.

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Although Hans Band debuted back in 1998, time has been a gift, as youngest sister Kim Han Sem retained her cute features from when she was younger. Compared to how she looked 16 years ago, the only thing that seems to have changed is her hairstyle. MC Lee Hwi Jae even commented, “Even though Kim Han Sem is in her 30’s, she looks very young. Rainbow Blaxx, who’s next to you, looks older.” Although the sister trio is not active today, Kim Han Sem demonstrated her musical talent by performing her saxophone.

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