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Rain Caught Off Guard by Chu Sa Rang's Chic Attitude

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Chu Sa Rang is definitely not an easy girl to please!

On the February 9 episode of KBS 2TV's "Superman Returns," Chu Sung Hoon and his daughter paid a visit to world star Rain's practice room and went out for a meal together.

The singer had prepared a Minnie Mouse plushie for the young Mickey Mouse lover, and confessed that he is a big fan of her. He also made a request to turn down the volume of music as Chu Sa Rang entered the building, showing his affection for the adorable girl.

As the three moved to a restaurant, Rain revealed he reserved a table at a Korean restaurant, as he heard Chu Sa Rang loves seaweed and Korean food. He then handed her lunch boxes filled with grapes and seaweed, which are some of her favorite snacks.

However, Chu Sa Rang did not open up her heart that easily. As she turned away from the handsome singer and kept acting shy, Rain could not help but say, "I have never met a girl this difficult to approach." 

chu sa rang

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