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Soompi Forums Shippers' Paradise Contest: May the Best Couple Win!

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Hi Soompiers, Valentine's Day is coming up! What better way to celebrate than with the forum community that celebrates love in its most ideal form? This year, we will have a friendly contest to determine which shipping team/couple reigns supreme!

The purpose of this contest is to introduce newcomers to the wonderful shipping communities within Soompi. We all want to know who your couple is and what makes them special, so show us your best text, photos, gifs, artworks, videos, and more! We will display some of the best content to give everyone the chance to get to know your couple. The winning team will receive a special member status on Soompi which will be reflected whenever they post on the forums, as well as a special collection of avatars and banners. At the staff's discretion, one person from the fandom may be granted limited moderating privileges to moderate within their thread. These privileges will last for six months. Here's how it will work. One person from each shipping thread may reserve a spot in the contest by replying in our forum thread with the couple's name and thread URL. Once the application period ends a few days later, a new thread will be opened, and one person from each fandom will add a post in the thread with all the necessary content (e.g., text, photos, videos, etc.). Only one post per fandom can be made. However, other people can coordinate in their respective threads to contribute and plan the content. The winners will be chosen by audience vote: You can "like" the post by clicking "Awesome," "LOL," or "Insightful" in the bottom right corner. The post with the most votes at the end of the voting period will win. You may not flag a post to attempt to (do and you may face a permanent ban). Nor can you create new accounts to vote for your fandom. The staff will be moderating heavily to ensure that participation is fair and respectful. That's all for now! May the best couple win! Visit the shippers' paradise forum now!

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