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IU on Gain: "She Is Obsessed with Sexy Things"

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On February 4 at midnight, Gain released a teaser clip for her upcoming title track "Truth or Dare" for her third mini-album.

The teaser featured many of Gain's friends and colleagues from the music industry including IU, Yoon Jong Shin, Jokwon, producer Lee Min Soo and the other members of Brown Eyed Girls. They all spoke about Gain's true personality, rumors that surround Gain and other personal things in a mockumentary format.

IU's segment drew the most attention as she said, "Gain? Our company's Gain unni? You want me to talk behind her back? I can talk about her in front of her," with a big laugh.

She humorously continued, "When we were filming 'Everyone Has A Secret' for my album, she was doing it as if it was her album. She suggested I dress up like a man and she got to wear the provocative clothes. She turned up her charm so much in front of the cameras. She is obsessed with things that are sexy. She loves sexy things."

Yoon Jong Shin, Jokwon and Lee Min Soo also gave their two cents on what they think of Gain as a man.

"Truth or Dare" is a funky pop track with an urban, minimal sound with a strong bass line. The song is about how rumors can be poisonous to a celebrity. The album will drop on February 6.

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